How to help with AAPS

AAPS operates entirely on volunteer efforts and has no paid staff.

Developers are parents, caregivers, loved ones and people with diabetes working together to development and improve a solution to a very common want. Developers donate their spare time for free, but it’s a bit unfair to expect them to face additional costs to make something so amazing open source and free for all.

To fully test a new rig developers need to have a spare phone and a spare pump as it cannot be used on a human until it is stable. Newer models need testing as they become available. Some of the money donated is needed also for the logistical costs of shipping these supplies across countries to the developers. Sometimes it’s also nice to contribute towards the developers costs to leave their darkened rooms and meet each other at conferences and events to let their creative and analytical brains bounce off each other.

I can write code! How do I participate?

Yay! Look at the issues, ask in the discord channel, there is always a lot to do! Pick a small task at first and do your first pull request! :)

I know the system and can write documentation!

Great, this is a highly appreciated thing and a good way to pay it forward!

  • The discord channel regarding the wiki can be found here: AndroidAPS.

  • A guide how to do commits on English wiki can be found here: How to make a PR. Other languages are only translated from english and can’t be edited for consistency reasons.

I do speak multiple languages and want to translate the app or the documentation

If you are translating something for the first time, please start with translating the strings for the app, as this is easier and you will get results faster.

You are welcome to start as a translator for the documentation in parallel or later.

You can check the state of translations for the languages app and documentation here.

  • If you want to translate the app to other languages (thank you), please use crowdin.

  • If you want to translate the docs to other languages (thank you), please use crowdin.

Just sign up to CROWDIN, click your language, wait for admin authorization and go ahead!

Are there other ways to help?

Skills needed include graphic design, UX design, translators, wiki editors or simply paying it forward by answering the simple questions in discord & Facebook to allow developers the time and space to focus on the harder stuff.