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AAPS AAPS is the name of the Android app - AAPS ist the abbrevation - APS is a abrevation used for artificial pancreas system    
AMA advanced meal assist - advanced algorithm to handle carbs MA / SMB Wiki - AMA
Android Auto Android Auto is a system developed by Google LLC to use functions of an Android smartphone with the infotainment system in motor vehicles. Through Android Auto AAPS can send messages to your compatible and configured infotainment system.   Wiki - android auto
Google Android Auto
APK software installation file (Android application package)   Wiki - Building APK
Autosens calculation of sensitivity to insulin as a result of exercise, hormones etc.   DIABETTECH - Autosens
Azure cloud computing platform to host Nightscout web app Heroku / Nightscout Azure
BAT status light low battery on homescreen CAN / RES / SEN Preferences
BG blood glucose    
BGI blood glucose interaction -degree to which BG 'should' be rising or falling based on insulin activity alone    
BG source The blood glucose source is the source where your blood glucose values come from. They come from a CGM or FGM system which you wear through some kind of integration software like BYODA, xDrip+ etc. CGM / FGM Wiki - BG source
Blucon Nightreader The first versions of Freestyle Libre have only be able to communicate via NFC which means that the patient had to hold his mobile actively very near to the sensor. The Blucon Nightreader closed this gap. Newer versions work in other ways! Please inform yourself about the actual state before buying something. BlueReader / MiaoMiao Ambrosia Blucon Nightreader
BR The abbrevation stands for basal rate. It's the amount of insulin in a given time block to maintain BG at a stable level. IC / ISF  
BYODA Build your own Dexcom App - it's a special way to generate your own Dexcom App for reading out the sensor data   Dexcom G6
CAGE cannula age - displayed on the homescreen of AAPS and in Nightscout if information was entered in the actions tab / menu Nightscout  
CAN status light overdue cannula change on homescreen BAT / RES / SEN Preferences
CGM continuous glucose monitor FGM  
Closed Loop closed-loop systems make automatic adjustments to basal delivery, without needing user-approval, based on an algorithm Open loop Wiki closed loop
COB carbs on board - Carbs on board is the amount of carbohydrates currently available for digestion. IOB  
DIA duration of insulin action   Wiki insulin types
DST daylight savings time   Wiki DST
eCarbs "extended carbs" - carbs split up over several hours (i.e. lot of fat/protein)
extended boluses you might know from regular pump therapy do not make much sense when looping
SMB Wiki - eCarbs
eCarbs use case
FGM flash glucose monitor (Freestyle Libre) CGM Wiki - BG source
git git in our context here is the tool to mainly download the AAPS sources from Github for the build process. It's version-control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files especially for teams.
-> necessary for APK updates
  Wiki - update APK
GitHub web-based hosting service for version control using Git
-> storage of source code
  GitHub AndroidAPS
Glimp app to collect values from Freestyle Libre   Nightscout with Glimp
Heroku cloud computing platform to host Nightscout web app Azure / Nightscout Heroku
IC (or I:C) insulin to carb ratio (How many carbs are covered by one unit of insulin?)    
IOB insulin on board - Units of insulin currently active in your body    
ISF insulin sensitivity factor - the expected decrease in BG as a result of one unit of insulin    
LGS Low Glucose Suspend
AAPS will reduce basal if blood glucose is dropping. But if blood glucose is rising then it will only increase basal if the IOB is negative (from a previous LGS), otherwise basal rates will remain the same as your selected profile. You may temporarily experience spikes following treated hypos without the ability to increase basal on the rebound.
objective 6  
LineageOS free and open-source operating system for smartphones etc.
alternative OS for smartphones not running Android 8.1 (Oreo)
(when using Accu-Chek Combo)
  Wiki - Combo pump
Log files record of all AAPS actions (useful for troubleshooting and debugging)   Wiki - log files
maxIOB safety feature - maximum total IOB AAPS can't go over   Wiki - maxIOB
Wiki - SMB
MiaoMiao bluetooth transmitter to use Freestyle Libre as CGM BlueReader / Blucon Nightreader MiaoMiao
min_5m_carbimpact safety feature - default carb decay at times when carb absorption can’t be dynamically worked out based on your BG reactions   Wiki - config builder
Nightscout open source project to access and report CGM data. It's the central data hub for all your diabetes data. It is where AAPS is storing the data. It's available e.g. for parents following their childs diabetes management or reporting of the historical data to get the actual state of the diabetes control (expected HbA1c, time in range) or search for patterns in the data via percentilr chart etc.. Nightscout Reporter Nightscout
Nightscout Reporter Tool from fellow looper to generate PDF reports from Nightscout web app data e.g. for meetings with your diabetes team. Nightscout Nightscout Reporter
NS Reporter @ Facebook
NS Client part of AAPS to connect to your Nightscout site   Wiki - NS Client
Objectives learning program within AAPS guiding you step by step from open to closed loop   Wiki - objectives
OpenAPS open artificial pancreas system
APS run on small computers (i.e. Raspberry Pi)
AAPS uses some of the OpenAPS features
  OpenAPS docs
Open Loop system will suggest recommended adjustments which have to be confirmed manually in the application Closed Loop Wiki - config builder
Oref0 / Oref1 sensitivity detection
"reference design implementation version 0/1" - the key algorithm behind OpenAPS
  Wiki - sensitivity detection
Peak time time of maximum effect of insulin given   Wiki - config builder
PH pump history - you access it in the treatments which are located on the 3 dot menu on the right side of AAPS main screen   Screenshots
Predictions predictions for BG in the future based on different calculations   Wiki - prediction lines
Profile basic treatment settings (basal rate, DIA, IC, ISF, BG target)
AAPS v3 only supports local profiles but Nightscout profiles can be copied (synchronized) to AAPS
  Wiki - profile
Profile switch (temporary) change of profile used or percentual increase/decrease   Wiki - profile switch
RES status light overdue reservoir change on homescreen BAT / CAN / SEN Preferences
RileyLink open source hardware device to bridge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to 916MHz (used for old Medtronic pumps) or 433MHz (used for Omnipod Eros pumps) wireless communication OpenAPS  
SAGE sensor age - displayed on the homescreen of AAPS and in Nightscout if information was entered in the actions tab / menu Nightscout  
SEN status light sensor change on homescreen BAT / CAN / RES Preferences
Sensivity detection calculation of sensitivity to insulin as a result of exercise, hormones etc.   DIABETTECH - Autosens
Sensor noise unstable CGM readings leading to "jumping" values   Wiki - sensor noise
SMB super micro bolus
advanced feature for faster BG adjustment
UAM Wiki - SMB
Super bolus shift of basal to bolus insulin for faster BG adjustment   John Walsh - The Super Bolus
TBB total base basal (sum of basal rate within 24 hours) TBR / TDD  
TBR temporary basal rate TBB / TDD  
TDD total daily dose (bolus + basal per day) TBB / TBR  
TT temporary target
temporary increase/decrease of BG target (range) e.g. for eating or sport activities
  Wiki - temp targets
UAM unannounced meals - detection of significant increase in glucose levels due to meals, adrenaline or other influences and attempt to adjust this with SMB SMB Wiki - SMB
Virtual pump option to try AAPS functions or for PWD using a pump model with no AAPS driver for looping Open Loop  
Wallpaper AAPS background image see phones page
xDrip / xDrip+ open source software to read CGM systems   xDrip+
Zero-temp temporary basal rate with 0% (no basal insulin delivery)    
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