Useful resources to read before you start

Before you build your rig, you’re going to have to do a lot of reading in order to understand how everything works and to get the best out of it. We’ve put together a list of places you can go to get you started and hopefully answer a lot of your questions.

Further reading #wearenotwaiting -

OpenAPS documention -

Loop Docs -

Fine-Tuning your settings -

Tim Omer – Hypodiabetic Blog -


Diabetes and Technology - Where Diabetes meets Tech -

OpenAPS Reference Design -

Why we are regularly wrong in the duration of insulin action (DIA) times we use, and why it matters -

What conclusions can we draw when investigating Insulin Sensitivity using the Autosens function within #OpenAPS?

Background reading and articles about DIY closed looping

Stuff on YouTube

Tim Omer: Empowered Citizen “Health Hackers” - We Are Not Waiting! -

Live interview with Dana Lewis, creator of Do-It-Yourself Pancreas System -