Setting up the Reporting Server

There are currently two reporting servers available for use with AAPS:

Reporting Servers

We recommend using Nightscout.


Nightscout is a powerful platform which has been integrated into AAPS for many years. It enables users and caregivers to track the patient’s diabetes data in near real-time (only a few minutes may pass between data reception and data provision if there is a sufficient Internet connection between all components involved). It also allows caregivers to send remote commands to AAPS.

Nightscout is provided as open-source software. Anyone can create and operate a Nightscout server, using either free or paid-for services.

Option 1 - Setup your Nightscout server yourself

Creating your Nightscout reporting server can require one or more web-based applications that will require maintenance. In order to have a completely free service, you may need to migrate your Nightscout site and data, if and when providers remove the free tier.

A description of how you can set up Nightscout with the advantages and disadvantages of the various operating options, including an estimate of the costs, can be found here.

Option 2 - Pay for a hosted Nightscout service

There are also options from different service providers who host Nightscout for you, with a monthly fee. The costs are manageable, and the advantage of a hosted option is that you do not need to be IT-literate, or have any operating infrastructure.

Existing Nightscout users can reconsider where and how their Nightscout server is hosted from time to time, and change to a different option if it becomes more suitable.

Some Nightscout hosted services are listed here.


Tidepool has only been available in AAPS since version 3.2 which was released in late 2023.

Tidepool with AAPS is only for reporting

As there is a delay of three hours between data income and data reporting when using AAPS, Tidepool it is not suitable for sharing real-time information with caregivers.
On the other hand, Tidepool can be a great solution for sharing reports with a patient’s endocrinologist if Nightscout is not an accepted solution.

Tidepool is an open source project. It offers to run an account free of charge on the Tidepool servers.

You can create a Tidepool account here.

AAPS has a the uploader for Tidepool integrated

You do not need to use the uploader app to Tidepool: AAPS will upload blood glucose, treatments and basal for you. You only need a personal account with Tidepool. Do not upload your data with the separate Tidepool uploader tool as it will lead to duplicate values.

Once you have set up your reporting server, you can now either set up a dedicated Google account for AAPS use, or go straight to building the AAPS app.